itswonderwaffle asked: **tackle hugs** ; w ; thanks a bunch for letting me collab with you ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

d’aawwww!! the pleasure was mine, bud!! ^w^

vexxblack asked: Alot of Pokemon fighting in your house D: You should break this up before it gets worse and wrecks your home!


teamtambourin asked: Gosh Midi those art are super ultimate great and awesome ;3; so dynamic, vicious or cute ! So GREAT !!!! YOU GO MIDI !

FLO *tackles, and smothers in a hug* hagdfgf thanks so much aahhhhh <3

waissutails asked: Aaah, your art is absolutely amazing though, I love it ;v;

;//V//; ahh! <3



Collaboration between me and oh so talented middroo

Also a birthday gift to our wonderful friend dimblomb-is-human

Go wish him a happy birthday, and go check out BOTH their pages and art! You will not be disappointed!

again, this turned out great waffu ^w^ happy birthday dim!!

votbear asked: *bows down to your glorious art for i am unworthy*


still have a few more versus pics i wanna do but for now i must rest =w= i’ll continue them later. thanks everyone for your suggestions and such~

linkseyebrows asked: yo Mid, it's Cheezie ouo just wanted to thank you again for the drawing of Paisley you did a while back. I've had it as my desktop background and phone wallpaper ever since and just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate it quq

w-wah oh my goodness >////w////< ajhdfgd np, and jeez ahh means a lot that you still like it ahdgfdfdga *flails around more*